Double Glazing Window Repair FAQs

UPVC Window and Door Repairs FAQs – most frequently asked questions.

How can I tell if my double glazing needs repairing?

There are a number of signs which will show you that your double glazing needs repairing.  Firstly, the window will be draughty with air flowing through the frames.  There may be chips or cracked glass.   Condensation may build up between the glass panes, meaning that the window seal is broken.  Finally, you may see water leaks through the frame.

What types of glass do you use in your window double glazing repairs?

We source our glazing from the UK’s top glass manufacturers. Our range of glass options includes top quality energy-efficient glass, self-cleaning glass and acoustic laminated glass for areas where noise reduction is an issue.

Consider the type of glass used in your windows and doors.  Often it’s better to spend a little more and invest in good quality, energy efficient glass.  In the long run you’ll save on your heating bills.

What is energy efficient glass?

The best energy efficient glass available currently holds an A++ rating.

This is based on the government’s approved window energy ratings scheme.  This rates windows on a scale from G as the lowest up to A++ being the most energy-efficient windows.

Can I change the double glazing windows to get a better energy efficiency rating?

 Yes, we can upgrade the glass in your sealed window units to a top quality, soft-coated glass. The glass we supply will have a 1.1 centre pane U value which means that your room will remain warm in cold weather.

What is the U value of a window?

The U value is basically the energy efficiency of the material and measures the rate of heat transfer of a window.  U values range from around 0.25 to 1.25. Window glass with a low U value will mean a lower amount of heat loss.

My windows are looking old, tired and outdated. Do I have to replace all my windows?

No, we can upgrade all your windows without needing to replace your complete window unit. The benefit of a window upgrade is that there is no mess or redecoration needed.  We can change all your glass, locks, hinges and window handles for a complete transformation without the cost of installing new double glazing.

Should I upgrade my all my double glazing units all at once

There’s no need to upgrade all your windows at once. If it’s convenient for you, we can upgrade one or two windows at time. No job is too small for Window Service and Repair!

Can you fix a window with a broken seal?

Yes,  we can fix a window with a broken seal.  A broken window seal will result in a draughty, leaking window and can lead to condensation build up between the glass panes. We would always recommend fixing a broken seal without delay to prevent heat loss and the need for further repairs later.

How can I extend the life of my glazed doors?

 It’s important to keep your exterior doors in good working order.  As front doors and back doors are in constant use, they are often in the need of most repair. Hinges and locks can quickly become worn and damaged.  Use a silicone spray to lubricate hinges on a regular basis.

Avoid shutting doors heavily and always use the handles to close the doors. It’s often the locking mechanism on your door that is the first thing to go.

Why does condensation build up between my window glass panes?

Condensations can build up between window glass panes resulting in your windows looking, misty and cloudy.

When condensation appears it generally means that the seal around your glass has broken down.

In this instance, contrary to what most people think, you do not have to replace the whole window.  We can repair your window glass unit with no mess and no need to decorate afterwards.

How should I keep my windows clean?

We recommend using a good quality glass cleaner to regularly clean your windows and your window frames.  The trick however, is to use two cloths; one for wet cleaning and another cloth for polishing your windows.

How should I maintain my window units?

We strongly recommend using a silicone spray to keep all your moving parts in good working order.  Use regularly but sparingly to extend the life of your window units. Never using penetrating oils to lubricate hinges, locks or handles.

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes we pride ourselves on the quality of all work we carry and and guarantee our window service and repairs for 10 years.

I need a window repair service urgently. Can you help?

If your needs are urgent, we can usually come out to you immediately.  For most enquiries, we do our best to visit you on the same day you call.  Alternatively, we can make an appointment to suit you!

“Arrived on time, did the job with no fuss or mess and at a great price.” Jeff E