Double Glazing Repairs

“We Change the Panes not the Frames”

Double Glazing Window Repairs Herts. Bucks, London

You don’t need to change the whole window, we simply replace the glass instead. The job is quick to do, as we take out the glass unit, replace it with a new one to return the window to it’s original state. The jobs is quick, efficient and mess free. No removing window frames or plasterwork repairs.

If you have draughty, leaking or cloudy double glazing, we can offer a reliable window repair service to have your double glazing looking like new.

We don’t sell or install double glazing– we specialise in the repair of all types of double glazed windows and doors. 

Double Glazing Repairs Include:

  • Replacing misty, cloudy double glazing
  • Replacing cracked, chipped or broken panes of glass
  • Fixing draughty windows
  • Repair and replacement trickle air vents
  • Replacing window seals
  • Realigning badly fitting window frames
  • Repairing stiff hinges,
  • Repairing faulty window and door frames
  • Window and Door handle replacement
  • Replacing faulty window and door locks
  • Installing new double glazed window units
  • Window glass replacement of all sizes

In 99% of cases there is no need to replace the whole double glazed window.

“Very good service. Awkward job handled professionally. Helpful and polite installers who went the extra mile for us at this difficult time. Would use them again.” JA

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